Alright folks let us get to the bottom of this. Everyone on Twitter has been trying to find out what the track is on this “The Office” meme that has been floating around in addition to a Quarantine meme in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak:

Both of the memes above seem to be posted [by the rapper on the track itself] known as “ssjishmael”, utilizing his alternate Twitter account below according to this Tweet:

The track is called Odyssey by “ssjishmael” (pronounced Super Saiyan Ishmael) and can be found below. Very catchy hook that is resonating with many people:

Now this is the original beat that is on these memes. Please credit “djnc” as he is the creator of this beat. Beautiful melodic sample with sharp percs and punchy 808s. Very nice! Check it out below. Track is called: snot x lilbootycall x haroinfather type beat – “princess bubblegum” (prod. djnc)

Lastly, here is another a version by an artist named Adra Melech that probably pops up for you when you Shazam or search for it. Once again, it uses the original beat by producer “djnc”.